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Case Management Systems

CMS is a client/server database system. It is an n-Tier system developed in C#.NET3.5 interfacing with Microsoft SQL Server 2005. CMS was developed using Test Driven and Agile development methodologies...

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Service Monitoring Systems

Service Pressures is an on-line centralised admissions management system for Northern Ireland's hospitals. It provides up to date information on hospital admissions and ward capacities which assists the admissions decision making process.

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Rota Management Systems

The nursebank management system is a web based application used by the Northern Trust. It is written in ASP.NET and is supported by a SQL Server database. It's purpose is to manage a bank of nurses who are willing to cover shifts in clinical/ward areas that are having difficulties covering their nursing requirements with contracted members of staff.

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Mail Tracking Systems

MailTrack is a bespoke, client server document and case management system. It was developed as a thick client user interface connecting to a multiuser database. MailTrack models the following business processes.

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Training Plan Manager

Training Plan Manager enables Training Managers and other HR staff to record training needs, monitor training course attendance, analyse costs and produce training related reports.

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