Elite Training Services

Our approach to training delivery

Whilst we believe learning should be fun, we believe more passionately that the training event should generate results otherwise organisations are wasting their money and their staff’s time.

Rather than focusing on academic models, the focus of our training programmes is on skill building. Using real work based scenarios and exercises, delegates are guided through the practicalities in addressing key issues with flair and confidence. Encouraging yet frank, honest tutor feedback is provided.

Training categories:

Due to the sheer size of our training portfolio it is not possible to list all the courses that we offer on our website. Subsequently, category areas are listed with some sample courses. Should you not see the particular subject area you are interested in, still contact us as very often we can accommodate the training request.

Training categories include:

Training formats

We understand that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work and in recognition of that fact we aim to be as flexible as possible, offering an array of training formats including:

Public Courses

Where you can book individuals on to an open course, attending with individuals from other organisations.

Private Closed Courses

For organisations, with 4 or more delegates, and they can be released all at the same time, then a private closed course actually proves to be more cost effective and also enables tailoring of the course to include exercises and examples pertinent to your industry.

Half day, Evening and Full day workshops

Any combination is available to suit your timetable

Short seminar type workshops

These short master class type workshops, usually last no longer than 2 hours and prove invaluable for individuals, such as Senior Managers, who need to acquire large specialist knowledge in a particular subject area in as short a time period as possible.

Accredited Programmes

Accredited programmes available for Management and Project Management.

Our Promises To You

  • We will only use very experienced and highly trained consultants who will deliver results and add value to your project.
  • Put 100% commitment and effort into every project regardless of size and value of the contract
  • Provide a value for money, quality service.