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"Kathleen from Elite Training delivered an intensive sales training course consisting of group and one to one sessions. Kathleen moulded the course around our requirements and the feedback from the sales team was incredibly positive. From these sessions management has been able to implement process improvements which the sales team have readily adopted. I was very happy with the service and professionalism of Kathleen and would not hesitate in recommending Kathleen and Elite Training to other companies."  Chris Goldring, Mahlatini Luxury Travel

"Kathleen from Elite Training delivered an excellent training program consisting of class room and on the job coaching for our telesales team. Feedback from the telesales team  was very positive as it enabled us to develop a methodical approach to customer calls to bring about improvements to our customer interactions as well as increasing team confidence and performance. Frylite would highly recommend Kathleen and Elite Training to other companies”

Sales Training Belfast NI

Many people define sales people as “people with the gift of the gab.” The reality is, if you talk too much and don’t say the right things you will actually put a customer off. Another misconception is that “as long as you are enthusiastic and confident, you will make a sale” – again, too much of this comes across as “cocky” or “too pushy” and most customers are not comfortable with such approaches.

Consequently, is there a right way to sell? We strongly believe there is.

Our sales training programme, systematically walks the delegates through each of the distinct steps in the selling process, presenting clear guidance on how to effectively handle each step. Some of the steps include: “how to correctly identify the customer’s needs or wants”, “how to subtly start the cross-selling process during the fact find stage”, “how to present your product or services options” etc.

We believe our approach, applies to all industry types, whether you are selling cars, insurance, software, houses and is equally applicable to both novices and “old hands.”

We have a proven track record, where companies have introduced our methodology and seen significant increases in their sales figures. In addition to offering 1 and 2 day intensive sales training programmes, we can also provide ½ day workshops. Actually, we would recommend a series of short ½ day workshops. Shorter sessions over a series of weeks, achieves better results, in our opinion.

Course content

  • Understanding selling – what’s involved?
  • Developing your product and company value propositions
  • Prospecting methods including cold calling and referral process development
  • Fact Finding
  • Drafting & presenting quotations/proposals
  • Closing sales and overcoming objections
  • Cross selling – why and how?
  • Designing and delivering a sales presentation

Sales Script Development

One of the key ingredients to effective selling, is knowing your product and company value propositions and then being able to articulate these in a manner which convinces the customer. However, this is where some staff struggle. Developing and rehearsing a sales script can give staff greater confidence. Before delivering training workshops, we can work with customers to familiarise ourselves with your products and services and then develop sample sales scripts for use by the staff. Such scripts are “signed off” prior to use and then introduced during the training workshops. Staff are then coached in the use of these sales scripts.  Staff are not expected to learn the scripts by heart, rather to understand the essence of the script and then articulate these messages in their own words.

Tele Sales Training

More and more selling is done over the telephone. This includes both “new business” and “customer retention” calls and because of the huge increase in telesales across all industry types, customers are increasingly frustrated by the volume of sales calls they receive. Consequently, the value proposition for the customer needs to be almost instantaneous to overcome objections and rebuff. Tele sales workshops will include a critical review of the value proposition being used by staff and where necessary offer suggestions for improvement. Skills practice will feature heavily.


An initial 1hr consultation, to discuss training requirements, is free of charge, with no obligation to book. If your organisation is based within the greater Belfast area this can take place at your premises, otherwise the consultation will be by telephone.

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