Report Writing

Duration:  1 day


Unlike creative writing, where the writer needs to possess a degree of imagination, report writing tends to focus on the articulation of facts, opinions and recommendations.   By following a set of clear guidelines it is possible to improve the quality of reports produced.

This course will address common errors; providing guidance to improve articulation of messages, writing styles and layout protocols.

Course Content

  • Report scoping including clarifying objectives and how this impacts on the content and style of the report
  • Data gathering and analysis including reliability and validity of data
  • Document layout protocols to be adhered
  • Using graphics correctly
  • Writing styles appropriate for reports
  • Drafting properly structured Executive Summaries, Introductions, Commentaries and Conclusions


  • Communicating effectively - The 5 “Cs” of effective communication:
    • Improving clarity
    • Being concise without being blunt
    • Completeness – anticipate and address all questions
    • Be factually and technically correct
    • Courteous – watch the tone of your writing
  • Appendix material
  • Common punctuation & grammatical errors to avoid
  • Ethical reporting

Delivery Mechanisms

Lecturing/Group Discussion/Practical Exercises


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