Thank you Kathleen for all you are doing to support the group and the Society and we are very grateful that our staff talked to our IIP Assessor so positively about their experience on the programme. - Progressive Building Society - 2017

"The feedback from the attendees has been extremely positive and complimented how relevant and useful the material covered was. Kathleen’s approach and knowledge were outstanding and related well with the group." Edina Group  (2019)

Essential Management Skills


3 days recommended, however, shorter and longer programmes available, depending on requirements.


This 3 day training course provides an opportunity for managers to develop and apply a comprehensive range of concepts and techniques necessary to manage departments & resources effectively.

Modules included:

  • Leadership –v- Management
  • Business Improvement Techniques
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Leading and motivating a team
  • Conflict Management
  • Understanding & developing relationships in the workplace

Sample Programme Content

Introduction to Leadership:

  • Definitions of leadership and management
  • Key differences between leadership & management
  • Are leadership & management incompatible or complementary?
  • Knowing when to employ leadership skills and when to employ management skills
  • Leadership styles & approaches including transformational leadership, situational leadership
  • Skills practice around leadership styles & approaches

Business Improvement Techniques:

  • Why continually improve?
  • Definitions of Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Eliminating the 7 main types of waste in operational processes using Lean processing
  • Total Quality Management
  • Using KANBAN Boards to improve throughput and flow
  • Using Statistical Process Control in processes

Leading and motivating a team:

  • First Line Management Roles & Responsibilities
  • Motivation theories specifically: Maslow, Herzberg and McClelland
  • Application of above motivation theories in working environments (Case study based)

Problem solving and decision making:

  • Categories of problems:  Potential, Deviation and Improvement
  • The problem solving process
  • Problem analysis techniques including root cause analysis
  • Solution(s) development and selection methods
  • Solution implementation considerations
  • Monitoring and evaluation


Conflict Management:

  • Causes of conflict
  • Functional and dysfunctional outcomes of conflict
  • Stages in the development of conflict
  • Conflict Resolution Models including application
  • Skills practice


Understanding & Development Relationships in the workplace:

  • Identifying stakeholders and their needs and expectations
  • Methods for managing stakeholders whose expectations cannot be achieved
  • Negotiation methods



Delivery Mechanisms

Lecturing/Group Discussion/Case Studies/Practical Exercises/ Role plays

Who is ILM?Accredited Management Programmes (ILM)

The Institute of Leadership & Management (I.L.M) is an internationally recognised management Awarding Body.

Accreditation Requirements

The Institute defines a list of training modules, which the organisation can select from to make up each level of accreditation.  A minimum number of modules and assessment is prescribed in order to achieve the accreditation however, the organisation can add extra modules of learning, should they deem this necessary.

Accreditation Levels Offered by Elite Training

We currently offer 3 levels of management qualification as outlined below. These are designed and delivered as closed courses. The benefit of a closed course is that the content and exercises can be customised to meet the exact needs of the organisation and delegates.

Level 2 Award in Leadership & Team Skills

(2-3 days depending on requirements)

The Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills will provide learners with an introduction to the skills necessary for effective team working and leadership.  This will include topics such as understanding and valuing diversity in teams, dealing with conflict, coaching and communication in the workplace.

Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management

(3-5 days depending on requirements)

The Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management aims to equip potential and practising team leaders and first line managers with a greater understanding of their role and will include topics such as management styles, motivation techniques, performance management and problem solving.

Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management

(5-7 days depending on requirements)

The Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management contextualises the different levels of management and the associated responsibilities.  The course will provide guidance on how the different levels interface and work together to meet corporate objectives and stakeholders expectations.  This will include a review of planning essentials, risk management, performance management, process & policy development in addition to core leadership skills.


An initial 1hr consultation, to discuss training requirements, is free of charge, with no obligation to book. If your organisation is based within the greater Belfast area this can take place at your premises, otherwise the consultation will be by telephone.

Training Inquiries

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