Interview Skills

Preparing for Interview (one day recommended)

This session is designed to give delegates the opportunity for skills practical to enable them to apply all of the techniques covered, analysis and feedback. If required video assessment can be made during practice/mock interviews.

Course Content

  • Preparing for interview - research, rehearsal, anticipation of questions
  • Personal SWOT analysis (practical exercise)
  • What you offer (practical exercise)
  • Presentation issues
  • Dealing with stress & difficulty
  • Assertiveness
  • 5 things to avoid during interview


  • Making a presentation (practical exercise)
  • Communication skills - listening, body language etc. (practical exercise)
  • Selling yourself
  • Attitude & confidence



Conducting Interviews (1 day recommended)

The interview process provides opportunity for the panel to meet prospective employees and to gauge their suitableness for the post.  It is important the process probes deep enough to gain further insights into their experience and abilities whilst remaining fair and within the restrictions of employment law.

Course Content

  • Selecting the interview panel
  • Developing suitable questions
  • Types of questions that are prohibited by law
  • The interview format and process
  • Beginning the interview properly
  • Asking questions
  • Note taking
  • Concluding the interview
  • Post interview requirements



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