Facilitation Skills (1/2 day workshop)

Workshop Aims and Objectives

By the end of the workshop, delegates will:

  • Understand the purpose of consultation and their role in the process;
  • Understand the need to prepare in advance and how to prepare properly for a consultation exercise to maximise outcomes.  This will include being clear about the consultation objectives, development of question sets to encourage discussion etc;
  • Know how to establish ground rules & commence a consultation session which will encourage active participant involvement;
  • Confidently control the nature and extent of contributions made by attendees;
  • Confidently ask questions, summarise threads of discussion and obtain consensus on issues;
  • Manage participant expectations;
  • Handle aggressive and unacceptable participant behaviour.

Proposed Workshop Content

The purpose of consultation and your role in the process

Preparing for a consultation exercise – what’s involved?

  • Being clear about the consultation objectives and outcomes
  • Types of questions and developing question sets
  • Understanding constraints and limitations to manage expectations

Opening the consultation session

Managing participation:

  • Posing & directing questions and answers
  • Summarising threads of discussion and obtaining agreement on issues
  • Keeping everyone involved and controlling excessive levels
  • Making proposals
  • Ensuring respectful behaviour and communications and setting the example
  • Dealing with unacceptable behaviour


  • The workshop will be a “master class” style, heavily practical in nature, combining:
  • Tutorial sessions (aimed at contextualising the practical sessions)
  • Tutor led discussions
  • Group exercises
  • Individual exercises
  • Reflection and action planning for continued development

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