Economic Appraisals & Evaluations using the “The Northern Ireland Practical Guide to the Green Book” (DFP, 2003)

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Public expenditure in Northern Ireland (NI) amounts for more than £10 billion annually. It is vital both that this money is put to good use and also that it can be accounted for. The Northern Ireland Practical Guide to the Green Book (hereafter abbreviated to the NI Practical Guide) is designed to help achieve these ends. It represents current Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP) guidance and requirements on the appraisal, evaluation, approval and management of policies, programmes and projects.

According to the Guide, all proposals that involve spending or saving public money, including EU funds, or changes in the use of public resources should be supported by evidence of suitable appraisal, approval, management and evaluation. There are no exceptions to this general requirement.

We offer both a 2 day training course where delegates are taken through each of the 10 steps defined by the Guide and a 1 day awareness programme.

Economic Appraisals Awareness (1 day)

The participants will gain an understanding of the process of completing an economic appraisal, and how it is evaluated; in addition to understanding their role in supporting the economic appraisal process

Conducting Economic Appraisals (2 day Practical Application)

This course provides a Step-by-Step practical review of each of the 10 steps in conducting an Economic Appraisal using a case study to demonstrate application.

Step 1: Explain the Strategic Context

Step 2: Establish the Need for Expenditure

Step 3: Define the Objectives and Constraints

Step 4: Identify and Describe the Options

Step 5: Identify and Quantify Monetary Costs and Benefits of Options

Step 6: Assess Risks and Adjust for Optimism Bias


Step 7: Weigh Up Non-Monetary Costs and Benefits (including New TSN and Equality)

Step 8: Calculate Net Present Values and Assess Uncertainties

Step 9: Record Proposed Arrangements for Financing, Management, Procurement, Marketing, Monitoring and Evaluation

Step 10: Assess the Balance of Advantage between the Options and Present the Appraisal Results and Conclusions


This course will benefit anyone involved in preparing or reviewing business cases / economic appraisals.



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