Conflict Management Resolution

What is Conflict?

The causes of conflict are many and varied.  Causes can range from:

  • Personality clashes
  • Differences of opinion/viewpoint;
  • Perceived inequalities
  • Failure to follow through on promised actions
  • Lack of knowledge for the other person’s role
  • Lack of respect for each other
  • Arrogance, where one of the parties feel they are better than the other;
  • Repeated behaviour which annoys the other party
  • Misunderstanding due to a breakdown in communication or poor communication

Conflict Management for Supervisors/Mediation Skills

For lots of organisations, time and costs occurred from dealing with formal grievances is considerable.  What such organisation need to recognise is the Supervisors play a key role in the identification and informal resolution of conflict before they become formal grievances.   Consequently, supervisors need to be able to recognise symptoms, diagnose properly the root causes of the conflict and mediate solutions to the conflict.  If handled with care, many problems can be resolved before they escalate further.

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