Rota Management Systems

The nursebank management system is a web based application used by the Northern Trust. It is written in ASP.NET and is supported by a SQL Server database. It's purpose is to manage a bank of nurses who are willing to cover shifts in clinical/ward areas that are having difficulties covering their nursing requirements with contracted members of staff.

The system stores nurses details, their bank information, for example the PCNTL responsible for them, any courses they have done and induction details. Areas, dates and times they are willing to work are stored in an individual calendar per nurse and this is used to match shift requirements to nurses available. The system does this in one of two ways, a user can enter the dates that they require a nurse for and the system will list any available nurses who have a checked valid NMC and have completed their induction.

Alternatively users can add into the system their cover requirements for a particular area and the system will match it to an available nurse again who has completed their induction with a checked valid NMC. Any shifts the nurses have worked can be logged in the system allowing a variety of reports to be generated such as the budget report, the costing area report and hours a nurse has worked. The system also keeps track of the NMC Expiry dates of the nurses and alerts the user if any within the next 30 days are about to expire. Finally for administrators there is the ability to edit/add new areas, courses, users and view an audit log.

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