Appointment Manager

Mar 4, 2011

Appointment Manager

Appointment Manager is a web-based tool essential for any organisation that needs to book time in "slots". It can be integrated with other databases where existing client lists exist. For example, in Northern Ireland, users of the LCID (Local Community Information Database) system can benefit from the fact that Appointment Manager is fully integrated with LCID.

Key Features of Appointment Manager

Appointment Manager has been designed to enable users to:

  • Quickly find clients

  • Manage clinic appointments (time-slots) for clients e.g. physiotherapy appointments, podiatry appointments etc

  • Look at session sheets, by professional

  • Print staff daily diary sheets i.e. a summary of appointments, on any given date

  • Print standard letters, to support management of appointments including:

    • Appointment Letters
    • Print Labels

    • Letter History

    • Standard Letters

  • Print a series of reports including:

    • Waiting List Reports e.g. No Appointment Yet, Future Appointments, Discharge with Treatment etc
    • Professional Reports e.g. Patients seen, Patients not seen


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