Training Plan Manager

Mar 4, 2011

Training Plan Manager (TPM)

This essential business tool allows training managers, and training administrators, to easily control their training budgets, keep track of an organisation's training needs and report on the training budget/needs in thousands of ways instantly. Training Plan Manager has been around for about 10 years now. This new version is optimised for 32-bit platforms including Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, NT and 2000.

Key Features of TPM

TPM has been designed to enable users to:

  • Create/maintain staff training records (i.e. training plans)
  • Manage training needs, by means of a series of status flags e.g. Needed, Booked, Attended, Did not Attend, Declined, No longer needed (hence providing a true reflection of the activity on a training plan)
  • Manage training courses including:
    • Create new courses, add staff, on the "waiting list", to a course, manage course attendance (and non-attendance), email course invites
    • Record, accurate, costs per course (or per person)
  • Print standard reports e.g. Course invites, Staff training records, Course reports
  • Print Ad-hoc reports - a reporting wizard enables 1000’s of ad-hoc reports to be designed and used, as required. Data can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis

Latest New Feature of TPM - Web Module

The web module, which is an optional add-in, has a dual purpose:

  • It enables staff to log on and review their training record, useful in advance of annual appraisal interviews. Staff will only have access to their training record, confidentiality assured. They cannot add or alter their training record by means of the web module.
  • It enables training liaison staff to review training records, for staff they have responsibilities for. They will be given permission to:
    • View training records for the staff they are responsible for
    • Add new training needs
    • Run a series of “sectional” reports e.g. course attendance, training costs etc


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