Company News

Mar 3, 2014

Elite Awarded NIHE Tenders for PRINCE2 Training & Economic Appraisals - Oct 2015

Elite are delighted to have been awarded two training tenders, by NIHE. Both programmes will commence in October 2015 and are for: PRINCE2 and Economic Appraisal training.


Mystery Shopping & Comparative Analysis Services Now Available

To support clients who avail of our Customer Service and Sales Training programmes, we have added two new services to our training portfolio: Mystery Shopping and Comparative Analysis.

Mystery Shopping involves a consultant experiencing the whole customer service process and documenting their experiences and opinions of the service in an evaluation report.

Comparative analysis, requires the consultant to participate in the same type of service with similar organisations, comparing and contrasting the experiences to assist with benchmarking and continuous improvement.

Elite Appointed to LGSC Training Framwork

Elite Training & Consultancy Services appointed on to the framework agreement for the design and delivery of training on behalf of the Local Government Staff Commission (LGSC).

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